Storytellers From The Heart and Soul

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Loreen Sarkis

Photographer & Predecessor

A photographer at heart since the age of fourteen, Loreen started out working for her father Sam Sarkis as just an assistant. Throughout the years, she had the chance to learn from both sides of the lens from one of her most influential mentors about what photography was all about. Lessons in lighting, composition, and the professional business side were trades that Loreen was immersed with in both a collegiate setting and a family setting. Under Sam’s guidance, she grew up to become his second shooter and since then has been shooting weddings throughout the United States and has become a immense part of her fathers brand, Sam Sarkis Photography.

Loreen decided to expand the family’s notable Michigan based brand across the country to launch their international brand, Sarkis Studios in Los Angeles. "I wanted to expand ourselves and reach for a higher tier of performance. We are two talented partners that have such a unique story. I felt that the world needed to see it through our point of view.”

Loreen is a renowned photographer and is one of the most up and coming in the West Coast. Her eye for beauty, light, and composition is what sets her apart from her peers. Most of her work focuses on weddings and fashion.


Sam Sarkis

Photographer & Founder

Sam Sarkis has lived out his dream capturing the special moments of people from all walks of life for almost 30 years. From a simple portrait to the grandest of weddings, Sam takes a vision and brings it to reality with a unique and artistic style. "It's my heart that guides me whenever I pick up my camera and start that journey of capturing the essence of my subject and their special moment", says Sam. It is his unique style and bold creativity that leaves his clients coming back to work with him for years. "Many of my clients have become some of my dearest friends." Over the years Sam has become a much sought after mentor and lecturer. He believes that it is his responsibility to give back to the industry he loves so much by sharing his talent and time raising up the next generation of photographers, one of them being his own talented daughter.